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General Information: Skin Cancer Screening

Did You Know?
Since 1985, this program has conducted more than 1.9 million screenings and detected over 188,000 suspicious lesions, including 21,500-plus suspected melanomas

Skin Cancer Facts:
• More than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year.
• Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are the two most common forms of skin cancer, but are easily treated if detected early.
• Current estimates are that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

What to Expect at a Skin Cancer Screening:

What is a skin cancer screening?
A skin cancer screening is a visual inspection of your skin by a medical professional. No blood work is taken whether it is a public or private screening.

Who will provide the skin cancer screening?
A dermatologist, resident or well-trained non-physician such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant under the direction of a dermatologist.

What areas of my body will be screened for skin cancer?
If the screening is in a private setting, a full-body screening can be provided if you desire. If the screening is in a public setting with very limited privacy, only exposed areas (face, neck, arms, hands, etc.) will be screened/visually inspected for skin cancer.

How long will the screening last?
Screenings take approximately 10 minutes, including completing the paperwork and getting your skin checked. Please note that this is a rapid screening and is not to replace a skin exam with your physician.

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